Answering Some More Questions About Ukraine

So Ukraine is even more of a mess and in less than a week’s time, the Crimean people will vote in a referendum on whether they want to remain a part of Ukraine or rejoin Russia. This graphic of mine is an attempt to answer some questions—though hardly all I wanted—about Ukraine, Crimea, and about what the Russians have been doing. (To be fair, the Russians still don’t admit that the troops and soldiers are theirs. But really, I mean come on, we all know they are.)

Why Crimea?
Why Crimea?

Author: Brendan Barry

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7 thoughts on “Answering Some More Questions About Ukraine”

  1. Ukraine has become key, economically. Vlad can use it as a wedge against the whole of the EU.

  2. John, yeah, I agree. He also knows that in general the EU won’t push for any long-lasting sanctions because as much as the former Warsaw Pact/Soviet republics dislike Russia, the bigger states like Germany, France, and the UK depend upon trade with Russia.

  3. Good summary, like the graphics particularly. Lot of good background, helps to explain/understand more fully what’s going on.

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