The .500 Red Sox

I initially made this datagraphic over the weekend, after watching the last few weeks of Boston Red Sox baseball wherein they continued to win a game, lose a game, resulting in an even .500 record.

When I started, the graphic I sketched looked very different as I had included timelines and highlighted key moments where key players went down for the year or the year-to-date. But after I added some context of the sport’s leading clubs’ games above or below .500, I realised most of those clubs were all those that my good friends and family followed.

Consequently I ditched my initial concept and opted to instead show how middling my Red Sox have been to the rest of them. And whilst this graphic may have a few more spaghetti lines than I’d typically prefer, it does show that squiggle of consistency in the middle that is the Red Sox 2024 season to date.

Of course, when I posted it, the Red Sox had just lost to the Yankees and I said I expected them to win one and lose one the rest of the weekend to stay at .500. So what happened? The Red Sox won both and are now two games over .500.

Baseball superstition thus requires I post more graphics about the .500 Red Sox to get them more games over .500.

Credit for the piece is mine.

Author: Brendan Barry

I am a graphic designer who focuses on information design. My day job? Well, they asked me not to say. But to be clear, this blog is my something I do on my own time and does not represent the views of…my employers. I think what I can say is that given my interest in information design—be it in the shape of clear charts, maps, diagrams, or wayfinding systems—I am fortunate that my day job focuses on data visualisation. Outside of work, I try to stay busy with personal design work. Away from the world of design, I have become an amateur genealogist and family historian. You will sometimes see that area of work bleed into my posts.