Coffee Spoons showcases work in data visualisation and information design. Sometimes this means complex infographics—at other times smart charts and graphics. Usually the work is online and interactive, but when possible Coffee Spoons highlights print work. Because as the world relies evermore on data, the challenge facing designers is how to clearly communicate the data and the learnings therein. And sometimes we all need a little inspiration or a reference point.

My name is Brendan Barry and I am the man behind Coffee Spoons. I believe transparency is an important element of good data and information design. And so for the sake of transparency, here is a little bit about myself. I am a graphic designer by education and trade and from time to time Coffee Spoons will showcase my own work that I create in my free time. My employer has asked that I remove their name from here, but trust me, I am gainfully employed. Before [blank], I was the Head of Design for Euromonitor International.

You can follow Coffee Spoons on Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Feel free to contact me at brendan.barry@gmx.com or leave comments here.

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