Beer, Whiskey, and Wine, Oh My

Last month I visualised my tea consumption data. But the other dataset that I record along with the tea is that of alcohol: when, where, and what I consume. The following is the result of four months of data, but you have to click for the full-scale view.

Click for full-scale view
My 2012 alcohol consumption, through 1 May. Click for full-scale view

Author: Brendan Barry

I am a graphic designer who focuses on information design. My day job? Well, they asked me not to say. But to be clear, this blog is my something I do on my own time and does not represent the views of…my employers. I think what I can say is that given my interest in information design—be it in the shape of clear charts, maps, diagrams, or wayfinding systems—I am fortunate that my day job focuses on data visualisation. Outside of work, I try to stay busy with personal design work. Away from the world of design, I have become an amateur genealogist and family historian. You will sometimes see that area of work bleed into my posts.

5 thoughts on “Beer, Whiskey, and Wine, Oh My”

  1. You are so thorough! How do you do it? Mine would be just several dots. I’d like to chart my paucity of sexual experiences, although it would probably be represented by a simple flat line!

  2. John, I actually write down all the drinks I imbibe—be them tea or alcohol—in a little notebook. Naturally with the alcohol there is the opportunity to miss a few, but generally I’m pretty good at recording them. The idea is always to be able to do an end-of-year annual report on my life. But that takes quite a lot of work, so these are more like little steps in the process.

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