College Football Conference History

Your author graduated from art school. That means my college sports consisted of…a fencing team. And dancers. And some of them were cheerleaders for the Eagles I heard. Does that count? I did, however, attend Penn State for a year. So in this interactive graphic from the New York Times that tracks conference membership for various college football teams, I clicked Penn State.

Penn State football history
Penn State football history

Colour is effective in this piece. The use of purple to highlight key stories off the grey background becomes even more important when they are offset from the selected schools in orange. If you cannot find your particular line of interest, a drop-down menu makes for an easy selection.

Bonus points—not shown here—for using spark lines in the introductory paragraph. A solid piece overall.

Credit for the piece goes to Mike Bostock, Shan Carter, and Kevin Quealy.

Author: Brendan Barry

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