Here We Go

Inaugural Day. Or as I’m now calling it, the InUGHreation. But it is here all the same. And so instead of something funny, I want to share an article from Politico that looks at the Democrats and their future. The entire thing is worth the long-ish read as it lays out challenges the party faces. But alongside the text come two infographics, the one below looks at the landscape Democrats face in 2018 in particular. It ain’t pretty.

What's next
What’s next

I know I try to do something funny on Fridays. But this Friday, but for the concrete reality-ness of it all, this day would seem like an utter satire of our current political system. But again, it is all too real as of this afternoon.

Credit for the piece goes to Tucker Doherty.

Author: Brendan Barry

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