The Refugee Crisis from Ukraine

A quick little post for today, more coverage on Ukraine of course. But whilst I normally focus on the battlefield because that’s what interests me, we shouldn’t lose sight of the enormous refugee problem Putin has created by invading Ukraine. Putin’s war will likely be the largest European refugee crisis since World War II.

Previously, the worst European crisis had been the breakup of Yugoslavia when 2.3 million people left their homes and fled abroad. But over just the first 19 days of this Russo-Ukrainian war, just short of 3 million people have fled Ukraine. And of course these numbers do not count those displaced internally within Ukraine, for example those who have fled Kyiv for Lviv or Kharkiv for Polatava.

Regardless I wanted to chart the daily flow of refugees fleeing Ukraine for all.

Credit for the piece is mine.

Author: Brendan Barry

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